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Telsie Graziano


Telsie Graziano, Author, Speaker, Coach is the owner/creator of Crowning Jewels, LLC. She has a unique ability to connect on a personal level that leaves an impactful and life-changing imprint on women's lives. She is dedicated to inspiring women at all levels to optimize their full potential while maintaining a focus on overcoming the mental and emotional barriers preventing them from embracing all the joy life has to offer.

Her training, experience and coaching philosophy makes Telsie a qualified coach to help women awaken their greatness. Her clients appreciate and benefit from the real life examples she brings to her courses she has created.

These unique programs help women recognize and uncover their strengths, unfold their authentic self, unmask limiting core beliefs and change them to genuine truths.

Married for 12 years, Telsie and her husband, Paul, currently live in Utah. Between the two of them, they have a total of 7 children and 2 grandchildren. Telsie enjoys homeschooling her 2 youngest children, singing, scrapbooking, speaking, traveling and being outdoors.

Telsie's books are available at all major online bookstores.



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