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Rita Avaud A. Najm


My name is Rita Avaud A. Najm. I am an American-Lebanese mother of two amazing, loving boys, Leonid and Mark. Moving with the family to Houston, Texas in 2007, created a lot of absolute changes for us. One of them was changing my career as a registered nurse, the other was going back to college to study business management.

Because of this change, wonderful things started to happen. Working as a library assistant was one of them. This rich and joyful experience made me change my mind when it came to working in health care management. I even decided that my graduation project should be a teacher and parents’ guide encouraging elementary students to read more non-fiction and poetry books.

My life path brought me to Utah, where I found out that many public schools have dual French immersion programs. Being multilingual with French as my second language, created a desire in me to write stories about a 7-year-old girl named “Rita.”

Yes! Rita! Since some of the stories have to do with my childhood, and I wanted to share them with you. Young readers will enjoy Rita’s daily life experiences, her cute and funny adventures, as well as the sharing of some French words!

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