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Michael Nieuwland


Michael Nieuwland has never written a book. He had so much fun writing this one he decided it was time to share it with the world. His hopes are to help people smile and chuckle a little and for a few minutes leave the stress and worries of daily life behind. He has earned no degrees but has received the 3rd degree multiple times. He has received no awards but did win first place in the Pinewood Derby during his 8 years in Cub Scouts. He still proudly displays the winning Pinewood Derby car and trophy in his home office!  He was given a commemorative watch for 10 years of service at his job when he completed his 16th year of service and after 35 1/2 years of total service there has never seen any other such jesture of appreciation. Based on the content of his writing, his wife Frances requested that her name not be specifically mentioned. Michael and his wife reside in Taylorsville Utah.

Mike can be contacted ar: InglishNonscents@gmail.com

Mike's books are available at all major online bookstores.



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