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Creating Memes

The last few years social media has taken the internet by storm. A big part of social media are memes. If you don’t know what a meme is, ask your teenager.
Creating memes can be fun and rewarding. Memes can be used to promote your new book or bring new life to a book that is no longer selling well. Memes are very easy to make and can be created in any number of software programs. I am providing instructions for software that most people will have on their computer. Here is what you need to do.

To create a meme you will need a picture and the text you would like to include with the picture.
Ideally memes should be no wider than 500 pixels. I like to work with a set size of 300 pixels tall by 500 pixels wide, this is a good size for Facebook.
I will be using Microsoft Office Picture Manager and Windows Paint for this demonstration, as most Windows users have these programs on their computer. Alternately you can use your favorite photo editing software.


1 – First open a digital copy of your book cover on your computer using Microsoft Office Picture Manager.


2 – Click on “Picture” and “Resize”. To work best our book cover picture should be 200 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall. Enter these numbers under “custom x height” and click “OK”


3 – Close the “Resize” by clicking on the “X” to the right of “Resize”.
4 – Click on “File” and “Save”. Remember where you saved the picture and close Microsoft Office Picture Manager.


5 – Open “Windows Paint”. It will open with a default canvas. Adjust the canvas size by dragging the side and/or bottom until your canvas is 500 x 300px.
6 – Click on “Paste” and “Paste From”, select your picture and click on “Open”. Your image will default to the left side of the canvas. If you would like the image to be on the side, simply hold the right arrow down to move it across.


7 – I like to create a background color that will compliment or contrast the cover colors. I usually pull a color off of the cover. To do this, click on the eye dropper, this picks up the color. Now click on the fill bucket and click on the blank area of the picture, this deposits the color.


8 – Now for the text. You want to enter some text that will grab the person and make them want to click on the meme. Use some text from your book description, not a lot, just a quick short blurb.
9 – Click on the letter “A” (the text tool). Click on the color you would like for your text. I prefer white for medium to dark backgrounds and black for white or light backgrounds.Click on the open area of your meme and type your text. Don’t worry about it looking it just right. Remember less is more.


10 – Now that the text is entered you can adjust how it looks by moving the text box around. Once you have it the way you want it, click on the blue area next to Home and click save.

You have finished your meme.
















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