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Kimberly A. Cutler


Kimberly Ann Cutler, first and foremost, is a mom. She is not a writer yet she wrote this book. She is not a poet yet it is filled with poetry. For most of her life raising her six biological children through three different marriages she was a stay-at-home mom by choice until the last eight or so years.

This book was inspired to be written by her seventeen-year-old son, Benjamin Forrest Crawford who lived in the Porter TX, Houston area with his older brother Michael and his father, Norm, after Kimberly divorced him and remarried.

Kimberly now lives in the Salt Lake City area, where she lived previously, when BJ (Benjamin) was nine-months-old until six. Through writing this book she has learned many things about her son she otherwise would have never known.

Some are the many depths and perceptions of the world and this life, BJ's beliefs and what mattered most in life to him. BJ was an old soul in a young body with wisdom beyond his years.

BJ died of T-cell and HLH lymphoma after just three short months but left behind a legacy and Facebook family on teambj who never will forget him. Two years before his passing he posted on his wall, as he seldom did, about how he wanted to be remembered, how he didn’t know how much longer he’d be around, saying he’d stick around for awhile, asking in return, not to be forgotten….as if he knew.

His mom, Kimberly, also knew. Maybe not before BJ knew it, but through the lyrics of a song when she heard it. This book tells of BJ's short life bundled with happy memories and sad ones. Stories include his wild and funny adventures with friends, his fun loving and caring personality and the complex nature of his very soul.

Though Kimberly is still grieving, with her heart forever broken, changed - she will never be the same again - her faith in God has pulled her through. She believes that everything happens for a reason and God had a greater purpose for her son in another place not so far away as one might think.

She knows without a doubt she will see her beloved son BJ again and until then she leaves him in God’s care, whose child BJ really is, and who we all belong to. She dedicates herself in striving to always find new ways to keep BJ’s memory alive…

Gone but never forgotten! Forever in Our Hearts, We Love You BJ Crawford!

Kimberly's books are available at all major online bookstores.



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