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J.S. Andersen


Growing-up, Jeanette S. Andersen was always frightened by the strong winds at night. It caused the tree branches to screech and tap on her window. Not too far down the road was a gravel pit with a grinder. During the night the company would run the machine crunching up rocks making a strange noise. Combining the two, the wind and the grinder, Jeanette imagined a ghost was driving a tractor in the field across the street from her house.

Jeanette is a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survivor, despite being told she would never walk, talk, read, write or live a normal life again. She has not only been able to live a normal life, she has built a family and is developing a Young Adult series about Melissa Mack, a seemingly average teenage girl with an interesting talent as well as novels based on historical events surrounding her family history. Her writing has helped her recover and given a new dimension to life. All things are possible with God.

Jeanette lives in Idaho. Hidden Secrets is her first book.

Jeanette's books are available at all major online bookstores.



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