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C. LaRene Hall


Connie grew up in a small town, Spanish Fork, Utah. As a child, she enjoyed listening to her grandparents tell her stories about her ancestors. She was always intersted in where they had lived and what they had done. Connie is the mother of two boys, and two girls, and has 19 grandchildren. She currently lives in Kearns, Utah and has a dog, and a large collection of fairies, and pirates. She even has a pirate fairy. When she strikes it rich, Connie wants to buy a yacht and sail around the world. She wants to see firsthand all the different historical sites she's read about in books so she can write more stories about magical adventures. "Martha's Freedom Train" is her first published novel, and "Mary's Spyglass" is the first book in her series called "A Magical Journey to the Past". Connie graduated from the Institute of Children's Literature in March 2006. She is a staff member for LDS Writers Blogck writing a weekly blog on Wednesday at ldswritersblogck.blogspot.com and sometimes she even finds time to blog at her own author's site, clhall.blogspot.com. You can email her at connie.s.hall@comcast.net.

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